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eFile for fastest returns

Why You Should File Electronically

  • Get Your REFUND in half the time
  • Take advantage of the FASTEST and MOST ACCURATE way possible to file your tax return (thereby reducing your likelihood of receiving an error notice)
  • Get PROOF that your return has been accepted
  • File your Federal and State tax returns together
  • New this year - Pay your balance due electronically when you use an authorized IRS e-file provider.

Many taxpayers are hesitant to file their returns electronically. Actually, upon reflection, it seems the best thing to do. Not long ago people were hesitant to use ATM machines and found computers and e-mail incomprehensible. Today we acknowledge the convenience, timesaving, almost essential nature of these tools. Electronic filing provides all the same benefits of the other tools. In addition, electronic filing saves on paper, storage, and postage costs, eliminates potential keypunch errors and the loss of required schedules.

Electronic returns are acknowledged by the IRS, so you know that they have been received and are not lost in a post office.

Both refund and balance due refunds can be filed electronically. Because electronic returns are processed faster, filing electronically when due a refund makes sense. If the return is filed electronically, the taxpayer can expect a refund in 10-17 days. If the taxpayer has the refund deposited directly into a savings or checking account, the refund will arrive in only 3-10 days.

Many people fail to see the value in filing electronically when they owe Uncle Sam, but electronic filing ensures the return is filed on time, so the taxpayer will not incur a late filing penalty. Also, because the taxpayer knows in advance how much is owed and does not have to pay until the due date of the return, there is ample time before April 15 to plan to pay the bill.

As with paper returns, taxpayers should be sure that names and social security numbers are correct on their returns. If the taxpayerís name changes, the Social Security Office should be notified of that change. Because the IRS matches names and social security numbers, a refund could be delayed if they donít match.

If you havenít filed electronically before, consider it this year. It will save time, eliminate duplicated effort, increase accuracy and be convenient for you. When we prepare your tax return, electronic filing is free!

We also electronically file self-prepared returns for a reasonable fee.